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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Annual Call to Action!

It is 51 degrees and spitting a light rain today here in Rockford just north of Grand Rapids and as I write this I am taken back to this time of year pouring over budget numbers in the office as a Superintendent. The deluge of early order programs and picking them apart to maximize the dollars saved. I am betting there are more than a few people reading this doing the same thing, looking at the monitor of spreadsheets and paper laid out over the desk.

If so I am honored that you took a break from that to read this. I am also now going to make my annual call to action to add one more consideration into your decisions this fall. To consider the companies and individuals who partner with your Chapter. This is the critical part of the circle of support I often speak about. These partners are the main funding source of the MiGCSA. They do this because they believe in the Chapter and you, but they also do it because they want your business. The margins on many products you use are not a large as you may think, especially during early order. If these partners lose business to other companies that are not participating in the MiGCSA Industry Partner Program then it makes it harder every year to support you.

So please, when the early order information starts to come in, when the salesperson makes the appointment, when you make those commitments, please use the information on the signs below to help keep the circle of support intact. The Industry Partners support everything the MiGCSA does and the Fundraiser Sponsors help fund the future of our industry. This is one of the most important ways to support your Chapter and all of the members in it, thank you.

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