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Monday, July 25, 2011

OTF Regional Seminar

Had a great experience with our turf neighbors to the south the last two days. Today I attended the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Regional seminar at Fifth Third field, home of the Toledo Mudhens. We had a great tour of the field and the operations by Jake Tyler, Field Manager. On Sunday night MiGCSA President Jay Eccleton and I attended a reception at the Park Inn right around the corner from the field. We met many professors and field staff from Ohio State. And we spent a lot of time getting to know the new Executive Director of the OTF Steve Jurick and the Associate Director Brian Laurent. There is a significant opportunity for the MiGCSA to work with the OTF to provide more education opportunities to members, especially those in the southern part of Michigan. Like the event today, .3 GCSAA CEU's and a 1/2 day of great education and discussion with fellow superintendents for no cost to any members. This is another example of why the MiGCSA was formed, to find and foster these relationships with allied associations with the same goal of improving and advance the game of golf.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Website Meeting

Just finished a meeting with Gaslight Media, our website company. We are looking into a major upgrade in how the back end of the website handles membership data. Along with this is a much more custom user interface. It will probably not be complete until this winter or even next spring. It will be in place by membership renewal in October 2012. The goal is to make everything more personal and automated. Membership renewal is like aerification, it is a process that is tough on everyone but it has to be done and the benefits are important. Look for improvements coming soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Flint Elks Golf Event

We had a great turnout for the Flint Elks Golf event on the 12th. We had 40 players that competed in a best two of 4 format. And there was an hour of education on conducting an irrigation audit for .1 CEU's from Ian Williams with Rainbird. I did not have a chance to post until now as I was in Detroit for this event and had to head back on Friday for my first wedding shower. I grew up in Clinton Township and still have many family members there. The shower was at Cherry Creek Golf Club and a special thank you to MiGCSA member Superintendent Scott Schellpfeffer who hosted myself, my brother in law, father in law, and nephew to be for 9 holes on Saturday. The course was great and we were able to get in on time to see everyone.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching Up

The Presidents of the groups that make up the Michigan
Golf Alliance met with the Speaker of the House Jase Bulger
Went down to Lansing yesterday for a recap meeting from the Michigan Golf Day in Lansing at the MGCOA headquarters. Kate Moore, MGCOA Executive Director will be coming to the Spring Management Meetings next spring to talk about how well organized the day is. It can be intimidating to go into a Representatives office and speak about golf. It is tough to get the members to understand how it is all set up for you, talking points, assignments for visits, and information packets. Once you come to the golf day it is a hard event to skip, we are really starting to make an impression on the Capitol. Hopefully the MiGCSA members will absorb the information and try to attend in 2012.