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Monday, November 11, 2013

Michigan Golf Alliance

Last week on Wednesday 11/5 I met with the other three Executive Directors in the Michigan Golf Alliance for lunch in East Lansing. The attendees were Kate Moore of the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association, Kevin Helm with the Michigan Section of the PGA and David Graham from the Golf Association of Michigan.

The Michigan Golf Alliance was formed in 2011 and is an informal meeting of all golf parties in Michigan to discuss the industry and plan our Legislative Golf Day in Lansing at the Capitol building. We met to discuss the other impact our groups can have to promote golf in Michigan. All of us have our own member needs and goals, but the one thing that directly affects all of us is the goal to get more people to play more golf.

Even with the slow "return" of the economy I have yet to see it really help many golf course in our state. The cost of maintaining a course has not decreased and has gone up over the last 10 years, but this is with a slow decline of golfers either established or new.

We are exploring many options to get more people to play more golf. Including partnering with the Pure Michigan campaign and creating curriculum for schools to use to introduce golf to kids. We plan to meet again to decide where we would like to put our resources and time. If you have any ideas or directives you have seen work to bring more golfers into the game please let me know and I will take it to the Alliance.