The MiGCSA is dedicated to providing value to our members through programs and services that enhance and promote our profession.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Michigan Golf Alliance Summit
This past Tuesday, 5/28 the Michigan Golf Alliance  held our first ever Golf Summit. Normally this group plans and participates in Legislative Golf Day, but this year we decided to have a golf summit. This was a 9 hole mixed scramble in the morning followed by lunch and a keynote speaker. After the keynote each members of the alliance spoke about their groups and their individual goals. The attendees were made up of Board Members and managers of the groups in the MGA. We were unfortunately rained out for golf, but still had a productive lunch and meeting. Jim Baugh spoke to everyone about the Get Golf Ready program that is making some great strides to capture and keep new golfers. If you would like to see his entire presentation filled with great stats on the golf industry and where we can improve you can download it here. Every group in the MGA is working hard toward a common goal of growing the game of golf, below you will see the introduction I gave to the group on the MiGCSA.

"Good afternoon and thank you all for taking the time to join the Michigan Golf Alliance today to continue to promote the game of golf in our great state. First off I want to personally thank Kate Moore and Jada Paisley from the Michigan Golf Course Owners Association, today’s event simply would not have happened if it were not for those two. My name is Adam Ikamas and I have been the Executive Director for the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association for the last two years. Before that I was the Golf Course Superintendent at Crystal Mountain Resort for seven years and I still consider myself more of a Superintendent trying to do the job of and Executive Director than an Executive Director doing a job for Superintendents. I started in the golf business when I was 17 and am very proud to be here today to represent the MiGCSA.

Our Association was formed in 2008 from 4 separate affiliated local chapters of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America the GCSAA. The oldest of these four chapters was started in 1948 in Detroit, so although the MiGCSA is young our associations are not. In these 5 short years we have grown our membership to over 750 golf industry professionals from Superintendents, Assistants and Equipment Technicians to sales people and students. Our mission statement and a daily working goal is that “The MiGCSA is dedicated to providing value to our members through programs and services that enhance our profession.” As many of you know the Superintendent can be one of the greatest assets to a golf course operation. The number one reason most golfers come back or go away is the condition of the golf course. Our hope is to make sure our members have access to all the resources they need to be successful, which more often than not is access to one another. The Superintendents in the MiGCSA are advocates for one another and regardless of facility type or market position they are a tight knit group always willing to lend a helping hand. It is an amazing part of the industry that is often not well understood from the outside. We also hope that we can get the message of the Superintendent as an integral part of a professional operation out in front of more golfers and others in the industry. Events like today are a great way to do this. I see the members of the MiGCSA as the front line in protecting our environment and dispelling the myths about golf courses being harmful to wildlife or the land, as we all know in this room that could not be farther from the truth. This is a powerful point for all of us to take home that every MiGCSA member golf facility no matter how big or small has a highly educated expert caring for the property every day and making decisions that are environmentally sound. There are few other places in our great state where such an abundance of wildlife and nature can be seen in such a relatively small area.

Personally I look at the Michigan Golf Alliance as a macrocosm of an individual golf facility. As you all know without communication between the managers at a facility there can be no hope for overall success. In the MGA we have the PGA representing the golf professional, the MGCOA representing the owner, the GAM as the member or golfer, the CMAA representing the Club Managers, the MTF representing the research that is so important to our MiGCSA Superintendents. Just like a golf facility it is imperative that we all work together for our one common overriding goal, more golf being played by more people. Regardless of our individual needs and goals this is the tie that binds us all together. I hope that when we all leave today we can carry the message of golf and of our allied associations back with us to our own corner of the state of Michigan and of golf. Thank you very much."

Friday, May 10, 2013


The first of our three golf fundraisers is on June 3rd at Arcadia Bluffs. This is a tee time event and will open up for registration on May 15th at 12:00 noon. We have these events every year not to raise funds for the MiGCSA as a Chapter but to return the funds raised completely to the turf industry in Michigan. Last year we gave the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation a check for over $16,000 to fund research at one of  the finest turf research facilities in the entire country at the Hancock Center. We also gave out two MSU Student Scholarships for $1,500 each. Four Heritage Scholarships for $1,000 each, these are given to MiGCSA Member dependents
Giving our check for $16, 830.03 to MSU President
Lou Anna Simon and MTF Presdient John Fulling
 at the 2013 Michigan Turf Conference
who are in college. Last year we also were a Platinum Sponsor for the Wee One Foundation Fundraiser for $2,000 and matched member donations of over $600. We also were a Platinum Sponsor this year and matched $650 in member donations. We gave $1,000 to the Environmental Institute for Golf, $500 to the MSU Turf Club, and support to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. In total we returned 100% of our $30,330.03 in profit for our 2012 fundraising season.

All of that goodwill and you get to play some great golf too. It is a true win win situation. So please make sure you join us at one or all three this year so we can extend the reach of this great community even farther in 2013.

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