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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


As we head into year eight of the MiGCSA from the former four chapters we have seen so many successes. The improvements overall are numerous and hard to miss, I write about them often in this space. But today I want to cover one of the ares where we can improve. When I say we I do mean we, as the MiGCSA is not us and them it is just us, we are all together in this group bound by our profession regardless of the name of the umbrella.

One thing I have heard is after the change to the statewide organization that some of the local flavor has slipped away. I can say that I agree with this to a point. Back when we had four local chapters that were being run by volunteers and some with limited staff it was a priority to plan and promote local events for their chapter. Some feel like this has gone away. I would like to think of it a different way. Now we are able to promote and manage events so much more efficiently which is great but it does not take the need for local involvement and promotion of local events. Now if you have an idea for an event in your area it is so much easier to bring it to fruition. The communication lines are clear the organization is there, but that alone is not enough. So I ask you as a member reading this blog to take on that challenge of creating a local event and bringing it to the MiGCSA to help make it a reality. Promote it to your colleagues in your area like it was done with the original chapters but with the power of the statewide presence. There have been some great examples of this that are in process right now, the Meet & Greet at Tam O'Shanter on May 8th, the Tigers game on May 21st and the Belle Isle clean up efforts last week. These are all member driven ideas, not from the Board or a Committee.

So lets get local, what do you want to see happen in your area of our great state? Get some friends together and plan it out, let us know and you will be amazed at how fast we can get it promoted and filled up.