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Friday, January 23, 2015

Michigan Turf Conference

Hopefully everyone knew that this week was the 2015 Michigan Turfgrass Conference in East Lansing. I also hope that everyone who could attend did, if not you missed the best conference I have seen to date, and the best deal in turf education going. For $150 for three days of jam packed current topics and speakers from Bradley Klien of Golfweek to the entire MSU Turf Team and other professors from around the country to Superintendent project presentations for $6.25 an hour! Less than minimum wage, if your employer can not approve this expense then I am not sure of any they would. The vendor show on Tuesday was packed and had a light social atmosphere with great food and enough beverage stations to ensure a good time for all.

The MiGCSA does not produce this show, we offer our assistance at any time but the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation (MTF) is the driving force behind this every year. Gordie LaFontaine is the Executive Director of the MTF and Becky Schoch is the Executive Secretary. Brain Schweihofer is the MTF President and Amy Fouty is the Education Chair who works closely with Dr. Kevin Frank and the MSU Turf Team. I want to personally thank them all for a great week, you should too when you see them. And if the price is not enough, or the education please remember this. All oft he proceeds from this conference go directly to the MTF to fund the world class turf research at MSU! The MTF funds the University with $120,000+ a year which is often matched from other groups and the University to double, triple and quadruple this number all in a effort to make discoveries that make your job easier and more efficient. 

We have a great thing going here in Michigan, many of us (including me) can easily take it for granted, many of us have not known anything else. However now that I am exposed to so many other areas of the country I can tell you we could not have it any better any where else. Our member numbers are up, we are investing money for the chapter and our donation to the MTF was more than $18,500 this year along with $7,000 in scholarships. I am happy to be a part of this great turf state and I hope all of our members are too, congratulations to all of you for your part be it big or small it is not possible without every one of you.