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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fundraisers, where the funds go

We are only a few weeks away from the Western Golf Day Fundraiser and about a month away from the 48th Annual Big Event. These are two of the three fundraisers the MiGCSA puts together every year, the first is the first Monday in June at Arcadia Bluffs. If you were wondering here is where the funds raised go.

none of the funds raised at these events go into the operation of the MiGCSA, 100% of these funds are allocated to our Foundation. The Board of Directors for the MiGCSA decide where these funds should be allocated based on our MiGCSA Foundation Charitable Contributions Policy Statement

It is the policy of MiGCSA Foundation to promote the Turfgrass Industry by making charitable contributions to qualified Turfgrass and Golf Foundation Charities and Student Scholarships affiliated with Professional Golf Course Superintendents and their families.  

The benefactors of these charitable contributions include, but are not limited to, the Michigan Turf Foundation, The Wee One Foundation, MiGCSA Heritage Scholarships and Academic Scholarships to Michigan State University Turfgrass students.  

This policy is administered by the Executive Director of the MiGCSA with approval from the MiGCSA Board of Directors. 

In the past these funds have been dispersed in the form of 4 Heritage Scholarships, these are awarded by the MiGCSA Scholarship Committee to dependents of MiGCSA Members who have applied and completed an essay on a topic set by the committee. Each one is worth $1,000 and up to 4 can be given in any one year. There are also two MSU Student Scholarships that are worth $1,500 each and are also awarded by the Scholarship Committee after interviews with MSU Students who apply and are current members of the MiGCSA. This year the Foundation matched Member Donations to the Wee One Foundation and sponsored the Wee One as a Platinum Tee Sponsor.

But as it has always been the number one recipient of these funds is the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation. Last year the MiGCSA donated more than $16,000 to the MTF. And the total donation sine the inception of the MiGCSA in 2008 is over $100,000!

Our hope is that we can branch out into the golf community with these events and get back to selling these events out. So please let your members, family and friends know of these great events.