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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Survey Says!

We just sent out a survey this week on the winter of 2015/16, about which one respondent appropriately responded is not over yet. We had some significant melt off in Michigan this week and thought it would be a good time to see how everyone is doing. Winter damage is a very sensitive subject and everyone wants to know how everyone else is looking. We had a great response of almost 100 Superintendents. The results can be found here.

From the results it looks like we will have a good spring as far as damage over the winter. Of course damage to putting greens and other areas can occur during the volatile spring weather. But the survey indicated that there is a good chance that the majority of properties will come into spring with no damage from ice. Of course there will always be some, but not as widespread as the last two seasons. This is great news for all of our members and their members.

These surveys are usually easy to get out to our membership. If you ever have a question, problem or idea please let us know at or by speaking to the Board Members in your district. We went from questions to answers in one week on this. Time is critical in our industry, so please take advantage of your association and our ability to increase communication to one another and to the public on widespread issues.