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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fulling Wins! MiGCSA at GIS 2013

It was a very successful West Coast swing for the MiGCSA at the GIS. On Wednesday the 6th we hosted over 100 members at Busters Beach House right down the bay from the San Diego Convention Center from 8:00 - 11:00. It was great to see so many members and friends old and new. Thank you to our 2012 Industry Partners for supplying the food at this event.

On Thursday afternoon the 2013 GCSAA Annual Meeting was held. This marked the end of a fantastic year as President for Sandy Queen, CGCS and the beginning of a new one for Pat Finlen, CGCS to take the helm. Pat Finlen, CGCS and GCSAA Vice President Keith Ihms, CGCS were both voted in by unanimous vote. The race for Secretary/Treasurer was between Pete Grass, CGCS and John O’Keefe, CGCS the vote was in favor of John O’Keefe, CGCS who will be the new GCSAA Secretary/Treasurer. This was the end of the term for Pete Grass so he was nominated from the floor to run again. Darren Davis, CGCS new director from last year was also up for re-election after his one year term. John was running as a new director against John Walker from Texas and Mark Jordan, CGCS from Ohio. As is usual the two incumbents won their spots handily, Darren had and Pete had had the most votes. So the real race was between John, Mark and John Walker for the remaining open spot. John took had the most votes of the three, Mark took the second most and John Walker ended up with the least in a very close vote for three great candidates. With this John won a board position on his first attempt to the 2013 GCSAA Board of Directors. Congratulations to the new GCSAA Board Members, the Board
2013 GCSAA Director John Fulling, CGCS
and Members of the MiGCSA are very proud to see John representing us at the National level.

New GCSAA President Pat Finlen, CGCS
announces the 2013 GCSAA Board of Directors

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hopefully many of our members are gearing up for the GIS next week in San Diego. If you are heading out there are two can't miss events for MiGCSA Members. The first is on Wednesday night at Busters Beach House, just a short walk from the convention center. There are over 70 people already signed up for this event. There will be a cash bar and complimentary appetizers served from 8:00 - 11:00 pm on the 6th. For more information on this event please Click Here to go to the link on our website.

The other event is the GCSAA Annual Meeting and Elections. This year MiGCSA Past President John Fulling, CGCS is running for the National Board of Directors. The meeting is on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 2:30 pm in Ballroom 20A of the San Diego Convention Center. For more information on all of the candidates you can Click Here, come by on Thursday to support John.