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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Must see

We have between 20 and 30 events every year and every one is a great opportunity to make new relationships that will help you and you facility in ways you may not even realize. But one event every year is targeting a larger goal, Legislative Golf Day on June 9th at the Capitol Building in Lansing. We partner with the Michigan Golf Course Owners, the Golf Association of Michigan, the Michigan Section of the PGA and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation as a group called the Michigan Golf Alliance to represent all of the golf industry in Michigan. We take the positive financial and environmental message to legislators to make sure they all know how crucial our industry is to Michigan.

Did you know golf is a 4.2 Billion dollar industry just in our state and generates 52,000 jobs? This type of information is very pertinent when legislators are making decisions that could affect the golf industry. We have been able to make a great impact with this presence every year but we are missing one thing... YOU!

It is a very hard time of year to get away, I know from experience and from helping to plan this event. But please take the time to set the date in stone to come represent your industry and facility in Lansing. The day is very easy, everything is taken care of for you. Where to go who to see and what to talk about as it relates to golf. No there are no pressing issues at this time directly related to golf, but imagine how many there could be if we had not been doing this event for so many years. It is impossible to measure lack of needless legislation that is directed at golf, but our impact can not be overlooked. But we need more people there that day, to represent the entire state. Please come see this day in action, come see what we can do as a group to help each individual on June 9th. More information at