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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

State of the Union

I wanted to update everyone on a milestone for the MiGCSA in terms of one of our most important areas, memberships. The largest membership numbers we have ever had were in 2009 when we reached 642 total members, in 2010 we had 635 but as of this time last year the membership had sagged to 567. This was due to the Association not having any direct management for over a year during the transition from Eurich to myself. We simply did not have the ability to process and follow up on membership renewals. So you can see the large drop during the membership renewal from 2010 to 2011.

However success is not measured in where you have been but where you have arrived. As of today, 8/8/2012 we have 637 current MiGCSA members. And with the work of the Membership committee chaired by MiGCSA Secretary/Treasurer Gregg Matthews who are calling our expired members I think we will have the highest membership numbers we have ever had. With these numbers we also have 284 Class A and SM Superintendents in the MiGCSA. This is important because it related to the number of votes we have with the GCSAA, at 284 we are now the second largest chapter in the country behind the Carolina's (which is two states). The Board and I are very happy with this direction, because bottom line this entire thing is for the Members, this is a constant in Board meetings to make sure we are doing everything for the members. So thank you to everyone who has renewed this year. I see no reason why we wont surpass the 2009 high water mark this year, and I think 700 is a real possibility.

In other news on a more personal level my wife Laura and I are expecting our first child this December, 12-12-12 is the due date. We found out we are having a little girl a few weeks ago and were able to get some really cool 3D ultra sound pictures. Everything is progressing along well and she and baby are healthy. Laura and I are really looking forward to having some time together this year for Christmas. She still works at Crystal Mountain and normally that is a very busy week. She and I have never had a Christmas off together since we met, so to have a newborn and some time together as a family will be a very special thing.