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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Wheel of Support

It is that time of year, early order season. I remember well the piles of spreadsheets and my calculator in the office and hours moving and crunching numbers, meeting with my sales representatives and trying to find the best way to stretch a dollar.

We hear do more with less all the time and all of our members are under pressure to do just this. That has a trickle down effect and lands on our Industry Partners. They also have to do more with less, with that being said they still continue to support your Association. Many have since inception in 2008 and continue to this day. We honestly would not exist without their support. We only have two main revenue streams, Membership and Industry Partners. We try to run our events at a break even to keep costs for members low, 100% of the Fundraiser proceeds go right back into our industry every year. It is critical that we continue to have support from these partners. With that it is critical that you as end users consider the support of these companies when you make your purchasing decisions.

It is a wheel of support and if any part of the support is removed it will no longer spin. So please put one more crucial factor into your purchasing decisions this fall, is the company you are supporting doing the same for you?