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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How does it look this spring?

This is the question, the one we all have been getting. From Superintendents and Assistants to the Golf Pro and GM. How do the greens look? Not that this is not a normal spring question, but this year it is more than the passing comment. With the 2014 golf season that never was still fresh in so many golfers memories it is with great trepidation that this question is being asked this year.

So far from what I have heard is minimal damage across the state, especially in the hard hit Metro Detroit area. Some damage that in most years would likely not be noticed or talked about as the usual winter hits. But this year under the winter kill microscope it is front and center. Every off color patch of grass is documented and reported. I am very glad to hear the results as they come in from all corners, I do not think the members of our chapter could sustain another spring and summer of recovery.

As I have said in post on this topic before, no matter how long a member has been at a club, or how much the dues they pay are there is not a single person on the property... on the earth who was more distraught with the results of the polar vortex of 2014 than the Golf Course Superintendent. Also there is not a single person who was more relived than the Superintendent when the greens came out alive this spring. Not because it was too much work to get them back, or they were afraid of the amount of effort needed again this year. MiGCSA Members have work and effort to spare. It is the soul crushing feeling of helplessness that comes with the damage of a long winter that takes the toll.

As we all know we are not out of the woods yet, the potential for crown hydration injury still persists. Fingers and toes crossed we can get a nice warm spring green up without winter trying for one last blast this spring.