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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fundraisers, where does the money go?

As we start to turn the corner into aerification, snow mold and irrigation blowouts it is also fundraiser season around Michigan. We have three every year, the first is always at Arcadia Bluffs on the first Monday in June and we blew it out again this year as this annual event continues to be a staple on many calender's. In September we have the Western Golf Day at Kent Country Club on September 19th and the Big Event at Plum Hollow on October 3rd. These are long standing events and are the highest attendance we see all year. Which allows us to raise a lot of money, but then what where does it go?

All of the proceeds from these events go right back to you... well not in direct cash form but to all of us in the form of industry support. The highest percentage goes to the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation to support the world class turf research going on a t MSU. Since the inception of the MiGCSA in 2008 the Association has been able to donate $120,000 to the MTF! All of the research done at MSU is for the benefit of our members and we are glad to be the largest single contributor to the MTF on an annual basis.

We also use these funds to support the scholarships we give out every year. There are the 4 Heritage Scholarships that are awarded for $1,500 each to dependents of current members after an application and essay. And the Student Scholarships, up to 2 at $2,000 each. These are available to turf students at MSU and are awarded based on an interview process.

The final group that regularly receives funds is the Wee One Foundation. In recent years the MiGCSA has been a sponsor of these events and have matched member donations.

Other turf related philanthropic causes and groups can also be funded by request and approval from the MiGCSA Board of Directors.

So if any of these seem important (hint: they should) to you and you want to have a great day with your colleagues then please sign up and participate in one of the remaining fundraisers and in turn help to support and fund the future of our industry.

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