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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hunting and Membership Renewal Season

I still live in Northern Michigan about 10 minutes away from Crystal Mountain and I am not a hunter. I have hunted birds once and am an avid fisherman, and I do love some venison sausage, I say all this to let you know I am in favor of hunting in all forms but it is just not my thing. Being raised in Metro Detroit (Clinton Township) and having a Father who did not hunt deer I was unaware of the November 15th holy day of hunting until I re located to Northern Michigan. For any of you who are still unaware it is opening day of rifle season for deer. Living in Northern Michigan where I do it is very rural, and I am still surprised by the amount of gunfire I hear every year on this date, I think there is an average of 3 to 4 shots every hour I can hear from my house. It also still surprises me how most businesses except those catering to hunters are shut down today.

I wish golf had the same type of opening day, where everyone knew the course would be packed. Could you imagine, setting your budget around opening day every year, knowing the parking lot would be packed. Maybe the Michigan Golf Alliance should get a pact going and ask everyone to let the spring golf itch build until a set date, charge a premium and get the year off to a great start. I am not sure that is the message we want to send, but a sure fire opening day would be nice for the registers.

The fall is also the time we try to get members to renew their memberships with the MiGCSA. Last year we were in the middle of a large transition and let the membership renewal fall off the radar a little. So this year we are going to send monthly reminders via email until the middle of the winter, then we will send paper mail, followed by a separate cover of the winter Course Conditions to members that says it will be their last issue. We are down about 60 members from last year at this time, but the board and I are working on our expired member spreadsheet and will be making some calls this winter, so if you let your membership lapse renew now before you get the call from your district Board Member.

By paying your dues to the MiGCSA you are helping to support one of the strongest chapters of the GCSAA, we advocate for our members all of the time in conjunction with the allied associations in Michigan. You get 4 issues of the best chapter magazine in the country, a Membership Directory (Yes we will be printing one in 2011, within the next month) access to the member only section of, email with news that affects you and golf in Michigan, and access to over 20 great networking and educational events. All of this for only $75, that is a steal, it is even less if you are a Student or Assistant Superintendent. If you have not renewed for 2012 yet please do, and remember when you renew your membership you are not supporting us you are supporting yourself and your industry.