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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Legislative Golf Day... wait.. it is not as boring as it sounds

I know, Legislative is not a word that brings to mind fast paced action packed adrenaline inducing visions. Regardless of what section of the political spectrum you are on legislation does not get the blood running hot for many. I am not going to beat you up with a bunch of stats, well ok maybe a few but they are really cool and important for you to know.

We are gathering as a Golf Alliance ( on June 4th on the lawn of the Capitol Building to help make sure those exciting legislators know how much golf actually brings to the table here in Michigan. The start of the Legislative Golf Day is actually at the start of the month, June has been proclaimed by Governor Snyder as Golf Month in Michigan, we are hoping to spread the word by using the hash tag #MichiganGolfMonth on all social media platforms.

We all know that golf can get a bad rap from many people, but really we are a critical driver of so much of the economy here in our state. Please feel free to share the graphic below to show as many people as we can that golf is important. It is likely very important to anyone reading this as it is how you make a living. It is also how a lot of people make a living, 4.2 billion dollars of economic impact! Yes BILLION. Many golf courses have been operating successful businesses and key to many communities for over 100 years. How many other businesses can say that?

I know June 4th is the day you top dress/mow the range/spray/fertilize/hand water/fix/do paperwork/have a meeting/train staff/and generally put out the fires that come flaring up every day all summer long. However it is so important for us to have a strong participation from our membership. Please try to find a way to join us as a community to take our message to Lansing. As tedious as legislation can be it can shape the future of our industry and in turn shape the future for you and your family. Help us be a part of the decisions that are made that affect us.