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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stand Up

As we here at the MiGCSA sit down to pan another year and we look forward to the many meetings during the winter months we rely on our Board and Committees to help plan and execute these many events. At every meeting there is always a Board or Committee Member who stands up in front of the group and thanks our partners, or introduces a speaker or just to give an update. I know from experience as a new young Superintendent back in 2004 that I wondered why is this person or that one standing up? How did they get there?

If you have ever had that thought too then I am about to spill the beans on how to get to be someone who stands up, ready... here is what you do: Stand Up! Maybe not physically but in a more metaphorical way, send an email to a committee chair here is a list: or a general email to

If you see ways the MiGCSA can improve, get on the best committee to help. If you have a passion for something specific get with that chairman. I promise that is all it takes, no one will be turned away if they make an effort to help. More often than not the best committee members become Board Members who then become Officers and are able to have a very unique experience along the way. A bond with your fellow committee members from all over the state that last for an entire career, interactions nationally at the Chapter Leaders Symposium, National Golf Day and GCSAA Delegates Meeting. Along with local interaction with the Michigan Golf alliance (PGA, GAM, MGCOA & MCMA) the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame and all of the awesome opportunities to help to provide value to our members through programs and services that enhance and promote our profession.

So if you ever thought about standing up do it! I promise no one who has stood up or is currently would take any of it back. It is not an exclusive club, it is open and welcoming to all members and every budget. There is no time like the present!

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